Ibn Rushd Study Association (Engelska)

Ibn Rushd Study Association (Engelska)

Adult education which focuses on faith, rights and diversity

The Ibn Rushd Study Association wants to be an adult education resource at the forefront of social development and focuses on faith, rights and diversity. Ibn Rushd is a voluntary organisation which is independent of party politics. Ibn Rushd organises study and cultural activities within the framework of the free and voluntary adult education. Ibn Rushd works on the basis of Muslim values to spread justice, express solidarity, safeguard human freedom, assert diversity, offer advice and advocate meetings.

We see value in creating networks within civil society with authorities and other interested parties to be able to help change society for the better.

Ibn Rushd is open to everyone and has activities all over Sweden. We want to work towards safeguarding democracy and human rights and are working actively to strengthen the Swedish-Muslim identity. Using adult education as a tool, we are engaging in social debates, producing study material and we offer a broad range of seminars, study circles and cultural events. We do this with our member organisations.

The Ibn Rushd Study Association actively supports and develops the possibility for people to organise themselves into associations and organisations. Particularly marginalised groups are strengthened through the options that organisation affords them. As a part of our democracy assignments, we support our associations and participants through education, financing and guidance to facilitate active participation in society and facilitate the organisation of particularly marginalised groups.

Ibn Rushd is one of ten study associations in Sweden which receives part of the State budget for adult education organisations. We have existed as an independent study association which is entitled to State support since 2008. Since then, we have grown and developed our adult education activities with our member organisations.

Ibn Rushd’s vision

Ibn Rushd’s vision is for Muslims to constitute a self-evident part of Sweden. We are endeavouring to be a strong, reliable player in the building of democratic society in Sweden. We want to help to build a fair society with a clear focus on human rights and against racism which affects all minorities and marginalised groups.

Ibn Rushd wants to create greater understanding, respect and tolerance among people through cultural and educational efforts.


Would you like to know more or take part in our activity? We would be pleased to hear from you!

Ibn Rushd’s Northern district (County of Gävleborg, Jämtland, Västernorrland, Västerbotten and Norrbotten) norra@ibnrushd.se

Ibn Rushd’s Central district (County of Dalarna, Västmanland, Södermanland and Örebro) mitt@ibnrushd.se

Ibn Rushd’s GSU district (County of Gotland, Uppsala and Stockholm) gsu@ibnrushd.se

Ibn Rushd’s Eastern district (Östergötland, Jönköping, Småland, Kronoberg and Kalmar) ostra@ibnrushd.se

Ibn Rushd’s Western district (County of Västragötaland, County of Värmland, County of Halland) vastra@ibnrushd.se

Ibn Rushd’s Southern district (County of Blekinge, County of Skåne) sodra@ibnrushd.se

Ibn Rushd’s association service  info@ibnrushd.se